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We are here for you! Whether you are already a customer or are looking to become one, our experienced staff will answer all your questions. Our team has substantial years of professional experience with renowned industrial insurers and industrial insurance agents and established itself as a renowned and reliable provider of quality customer service and sales.

Our customers are primarily of the transportation, construction, real estate and service industries. Not only do we advise our clients, we also offer tailor-made insurance solutions and provide active support in the event of a claim.

Our insurance services include the free and thorough analysis of your operational risk situation, as well as figures on the insurance value based on the analysis and data. We check your insurance contracts and recommend adjustments to current market conditions if updates are necessary. In addition, we keep an eye on all changes in your company’s environment. In annual meetings, we discuss whether your contracts are risk-appropriate and suggest improvements as and when required.

Are you planning a construction project? We will gladly support you in all kinds of insurance aspects in terms of building. With our product package “DVA Combined Construction, Erection and Liability Insurance®” you receive full comprehensive insurance cover. Our team of specialists consisting of lawyers, engineers and insurance experts are pleased to advise you on your risks during construction and relevant insurance needs.

Our knowledge is based on our experience of the past, having covered more than 2.500 construction projects in all areas ranging from railway infrastructure to engineering work, tunnels and bridge superstructure. Due to our expertise we are one of the leading providers of project-related insurance protection.

Your insurance interests in case of a claim are most important to us. Our team supports you from the damage survey to taking part in essential meetings and in the claim settlements, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. We are your partner. Therefore you do not need to manage different insurance policies, you have one comprehensive policy that covers all your needs.

DVA Combined Construction, Erection and Liability Insurance®

One insurance policy for any incident!

With our Combined Construction, Erection and Liability Insurance® we guarantee insurance cover for everyone involved in the construction project. Due to our knowledge and experience with building and reconstruction, tunnels and various infrastructure projects of the Deutsche Bahn, we are an experienced partner for your project.

We are constantly committed in developing our products further. From 1994 up until today, we have supported construction projects with a collective value of over 100 billion Euros. Not only do our products and services provide coverage for all possible risks, they also offer you many additional benefits.

In addition to our full range of liability insurances, such as occupational, industrial, D & O, product and environmental liability insurance, our areas of service also include recall cost insurance, environmental damage, fidelity and cyber insurance. We also offer insurance coverage for mergers and transfers of companies (M & A transactions), as well as warranty & indemnity (W & I) insurance.

Our goal is to provide you with the best insurance solution for your needs. Our highly qualified team of insurance specialists, vendors and lawyers actively supports you all times.

The security of your balance, ensured through adequate risk transfer, is just as important to us as supporting you in the event of a claim, actively keeping market observations up to date, and product development.

Motor Insurance
With DVA, you have a reliable partner for motor insurance. Third party motor liability of course is a mandatory cover. In addition partial or full comprehensive cover ("casco") offers protection against unexpected financial risks. We also offer solutions for a vehicle-breakdown to compensate such costs. If required we are happy to include accident coverage for drivers and passengers, as well as special forms of driver´s legal aid coverage to your package.

Personal Accident Insurance
Accidents happen every day and can have a huge impact on your daily life. Therefore it is important to have the right coverage in place. Our accident insurance recommendations offer employees coverage in the event of death and disability. We assist you in finding the right solutions for your individual company demands.

Legal Aid Insurance
When it comes to legal issues, it is essential to have the right legal aid product to suit your particular needs. Together with the insurer we assist you in mandating the right attorney. The costs of legal advice and legal defense in proceedings are just some of the insured benefits we can offer you.

Based on many years of experience in the insurance industry, as well as our specific expertise in all areas of the property and technical insurance branches, we offer you individual advice and competent services. As our client, you will receive tailor-made insurance solutions to optimize your risk management. In addition to risk and market analysis, we offer customized offers, as well as pan-European quotations for particular insurance benefits.

As part of the property insurance for buildings, inventory and stocks, we offer fire and extended coverage insurance packages (extended coverage includes protection against theft, windstorms, hail, flooding, etc) and terrorism insurance, as well as all-risk insurance with predominantly self-developed and customized insurance terms.

For your technical equipment and devices, we provide special insurance solutions; DVA offers machinery, electronic, construction, and erection insurance.

In addition, we’ve developed unique property insurance products through our extensive experience in the railway sector. These include the following specialty products:

DVA Rolling Stock All Risk Insurance (RSA)®

Pan-European insurance solution - especially designed for rail-bound vehicles (e.g. passenger trains, all types of locomotives).

DVA Lessor Special Risk Insurance (LSR)®

This insurance solution provides protective coverage specifically for banks and lessors.

DVA Rail Construction Machinery Insurance (RCM)

This special insurance solution is designed for rail-bound machines (e. g. construction trains, ballast plough and temping machines, tamping machines, track recording cars)

Currently, over 5,000 rail-bound vehicles are insured through the special insurance programs and packages which DVA has developed.

All policies are customized and adapted to your individual requirements based on your company`s risk analysis.

As our client, you will benefit from our professional knowledge: Our special know-how stems from the long-term expirience and development of insurance concepts for Deutsche Bahn AG and its affiliated companies, which include both railway and combined freight transport enterprises. 

Hull insurance 

  • Land Transportation Hull Insurance:
    Insurance for rail-bound vehicles-bound against damage and loss due to pre-stated hazards up to the covered replacement value 

  • Container Hull Insurance:
    Coverage for tank containers and other large containers 

  • Marine Hull Insurance and River Hull Insurance:
    Insurance policies for sea and inland waterway vessels

Liability insurance

  • Freight Forwarder´s and Carrier´s Liability Insurance: 
    Insurance for legal and/or contractual liability as stated in transport contracts between you and your clients and/or customers for the duration agreed upon in the business contracts

Transport insurance

  • Insurance coverage for property damage to goods in transit based on DVA’s insurance terms and conditions

Optional supplementary transport insurances

  • Baggage insurance (for business  or private travel, available individual or combined) 

  • Insurance coverage for exhibitions, trade fairs, events and presentations/demonstrations 

  • Insurance coverage for art exhibitions and galleries 

  • Transport insurance for valuables of banks

Credit and security deposit insurance

  • Credit and security deposit insurers bear the risk of insolvency of their policyholders or their customers, largely without the customary bank collateral.

We will gladly work with you to adapt national insurance concepts to international requirements. In addition to our domestic insurance solutions, we provide clients access to foreign markets. 

The analysis of country specifics in line with developing insurance programmes to fit your particular needs is what we do best. In addition, we take care of the coordination and monitoring of the insurers and our broker network, check our specifications for quality assurance purposes of all foreign activities. Local policies and claims management help you understand and master all tax and regulatory challenges. If needed, we assist you in determining your Total Cost of Risk through our centrally managed reporting system.

Our team of experienced professionals will support you, while managing your national and international insurance issues. In liaison with our global network of co-brokers in over 100 countries, we guarantee you a tailor-made and coordinated risk transfer.

Human resources departments face ever-changing challenges when it comes to insuring their employees. For example, changes in the legal framework within the company pension schemes, pension reserves are effected by low interest rate phases, all pose important questions to HR.

Our experts in "Health & Benefits", gladly assist you, by analyzing your needs in order to find the best possible solution.

In addition to health care, which includes corporate/workplace health management as well as corporate/workplace health insurance, company pension schemes are an important part of our insurance services. For this, we offer all-inclusive packages aimed at helping you all along the way, from service analyses, optimization, implementation, and ongoing administration as well as employer consulting, employee consulting and advice on current developments (such as the German Act to Strengthen Occupational Pensions [Betriebsrentenstärkungsgesetz]).

With these professional consultation and advising services, balance sheet and financing risks can be reduced (keyword "de-risking"). Additionally, we offer framework conditions (discounted premiums and reduced evidence of insurability) for private insurance contracts (e.g. disability insurance, term life insurance).

For your international employees, we offer employee benefits in co-operation with our local partners. For your experts we provide you with the necessary medical insurance plans, life and disability covers and assistance services.

We also provide support for special topics, such as lifetime accounts.

For all reinsurance needs, DVA is your expert advisor. 
We place your risks pan European, in the reinsurance market. Mostly on facultative basis, proportionately or non-proportionately. The typical insurance categories, including liability insurance, property insurance, marine cargo insurance, construction and assembly insurance, as well as special other insurances,  all part of our reinsurance activities.
Our role as advisors also includes early detection and communication of changes in the reinsurance market, so that we can appropriately and effectively react to their impact.
We accompany you from the beginning, when contracts are negotiated and throughout the risk periods. Our professional standards are the basis for providing continuity.

Cyber insurance is a supplementary insurance that covers losses in the event of cybercrimes, which include attacks on your computer systems by hackers, data misuse, or data loss.

We support you in the field of cyber insurance, from risk analysis, to producing adequate risk coverage

In the event of a claim, you will receive fast and professional support from our experts. On site visits and discussions will always take place with one of our experts. We assist and advice you at all times and represent your best interest with the insurer.