Our standards - Our culture

The working world of DVA

Our employees provide the foundation of our company. Through their knowledge, skills, motivation and collective identity, DVA is driven forward every day. Mutual appreciation provides the structural basis for our corporate culture. We work together effectively and communicate openly with one another. Leadership based on shared values and goals promotes trust and employee satisfaction in the workplace environment.

We are looking for new team members who we can support individually in their personal and professional development.

At DVA, we value independence and self-motivation among our employees just as much as we value a willingness to take responsibility and to act as an entrepreneur. Good teamwork, including the ability to work together interculturally and across disciplines, is important to us. Commitment to our customers and providing them with sound advice is an essential part of our work here at DVA.

We offer employees attractive, competitive salaries that include comprehensive social and additional benefits. In order to effectively balance a home/work life, we offer flexible working hours with time value accounts, as well as mobile working models. Company pension schemes, health care, travel expenses and lunch are just a handful of the benefits you can expect as a DVA employee. As a part of our personnel development model, we promote individual skills as the basis for career development within DVA, provided partially through annual training seminar for further education.

Our hiring is done without reference to race, origin, gender or age of the individuals applying. We offer apprenticeships and professional opportunities for our dual study program for career novices and young professionals. Applicants with many years of professional experience are also welcome.

Data protection is most important to us, particularly in respect to the protection of any personal information provided to us by the applicants in the processing and use of their application documents.