DVA Locomotive Advertising

Traxx locomotive with DVA advertising

In November 2015, a Traxx locomotive with DVA advertising was handed over to the new owner Railpool at the Bombardier plant in Kassel.

The locomotive is one of the first of the 187 production series and is in use by the BLS in Switzerland. Along both sides of this locomotive DVA advertising can be found. Not only does the locomotive bear the DVA advertising, it is also insured by DVA.

Taking into account the specific risks in rail transport and based on the requirements of lessors and owners, DVA has developed an extensive insurance package for the protection of damages to rail vehicles: the "DVA Rolling Stock All Risk Insurance (RSA)®."

The swiss photographer Georg Trüb shot the photo of the DVA advertisement on one of BLS’s locomotives. This was taken as it took its first trip through the Gotthard tunnel.

Below, you’ll find some additional information on the Traxx locomotive (Source: Wikipedia).

“The 187 series, Bombardier’s first variant of the Traxx 3 series, was presented at the Transport and Logistics trade fair in Munich in May 2011. This locomotive is equipped with a 180 kW diesel auxiliary motor enabling it to drive on sections without overhead contact lines. Without trailer load, a class 187 locomotive can reach a top speed of 60 km/h with its diesel engine; a train weighing 2,000 tons can accelerate to 40 km/h.

The tank’s 400 liter capacity can supply up to eight hours worth of diesel operation. Short distances can be travelled using the built-in battery exclusively, and the transition from electric traction to diesel traction can be done while driving.

The first client to incorporate the 187 series into their fleet was the vehicle rental company Railpool, who purchased five at the end of 2010. Three of these are set to be leased to BLS Cargo and intended to be used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”